School Council

The School Council for 2022-2023
We have our own noticeboard under the verandah if you would like to find out more about what we are doing and when our meetings are, please check it out and let us know your views and ideas.
The School Council did an amazing job with the their to the Think Big competition and won £500.00, here is a link for more information on the competition.
We have had another very successful fundraising campaign for CHILDREN IN NEED, we raised an astonishing £44 for covering Pudsey with 1 and 2 p. coins and £50 for cake sale .
Thank you everyone!
The School Council organised a craft afternoon for whole school. We made Christmas stars, gingerbread biscuits and glitter Christmas decorations, which we sold at the Christmas fair. We raised £53.50. 
Our school joined in the Plastic Free School Programme with the goal to eliminate single-use plastic from our school.  The School Council had a meeting with our kitchen team, Pippa and Claire, to discuss the management of the food waste. From 15th of January 2018 our school has introduced: a bin for our food waste, a bin for paper, a bin for general waste and a bin for plastic. In the future we would like to eliminate plastic from our school completely.  
The School Council held a Plastic Free School Poster competition. The winner was Alfie H, in second place Sophia and in third place Martha. The winners were awarded with beautiful, environmentally friendly metal water bottles.
Thank you to everyone in the school, who entered the competition.
The School Council and the PTFA held Easter egg hunt and Easter Parade on Thursday 29th March 2018. Thank you everyone for your hard work and stunning designs.  
The School Council visited Gwelan Topps, Heartlands and Boscawen Park in Truro in order to find ideas for our adventure playground. The children from across the school have voted on their favourite playground equipment. We have chosen a wood log climbing frame with some nets around and a platform (treehouse) to look over our school grounds. 
The School Council held the unwanted book sale, where we raised £13.20.
Thank you to everyone. 
The School Council held the Children in Need event, where we raised £35.14.
A great thank you to everyone.
Amazing!  Our school Council have been awarded their Silver PADL Award and went to a presentation ceremony at County Hall.