Welcome to Rinsey Class

 Our teacher is Mrs Haddy who is supported by Mrs Tullett.

 This term we will be considering our responses to the question: 'Machines - Friend or Foe?'

It is a very exciting topic, full of scientific facts and investigations around machines, with the added bonus of model - making and creative machine invention. We shall be reading all about different types of machines, real and imagined, increasingly influenced by developments in Artificial Intelligence. We have visits to local machine - using sites, our glue gun and hacksaws are at the ready and we are 'gearing up' to have a fun time.

Mrs Haddy and Mrs Tullett can drive the minibuses, so our outdoor learning happens whenever we need to use our stunning location.


This class is the focus for learning before the next big step to senior school. We pride ourselves in being rounded learners, able to try our hardest and improve in our learning every day. 

Come along to our exhibition, kindly hosted at the Hayle Heritage Trust in Foundry Square. Open from tomorrow, Tuesday 28th November, to the following Friday, it is showcasing all the class's hard work and allowing you to decide - are machines our friends or foe? Open from 11 am to 4 pm, do pop in and show some support in the pupil's work.
We have made withy air ships, listened to Trevor from the Hayle Heritage Centre talk about the Harveys and the industrial heritage of our home town, and then we visited Heartlands and enjoyed learning about the engines and mining machinery - phew!
It was all aboard the Helston Railway as the volunteers generously showed us around the engines, track and told us all about flanges. We went to Truthall Halt and found out that local children went to school by train in the past. 
Making the most of our outdoors is a huge theme in our school, so we ventured out into the grounds to record some maths in the natural world - it was fun!
Recent lessons have included ratios using practical resources and reading for meaning in groups.
Class 4 visited the community garden to help plant the borders with the lovely plants. We were very good at making a deep enough hole, planting firmly and at the correct distance,
All aboard the Helston Railway! We went to visit the volunteers and trains at the railway, learnt all about 'flanges' and had a trip to Truthall Halt. 
Everyone has worked as part of a team to make a dirigible out of withy and paper. These are going to 'fly' across our classroom as our first inventions.
This is our class from Autumn 2018. 
Well done all who contributed and came to our end - outcome, based on 'How are we evolving?' It was great to show you all our work, share with Godrevey and unveil the voyage of Darwin, the discoveries of Mary Anning and our recycled fish sculpture. 
Another epic lesson - Art, of course, in the classic tradition of observational drawing. Which one's your favourite?
Today we celebrated the awesome activity that is .... Grammar Relay! Yes, the teams have been in hard training for this sporting first. Here they are, in the Gwinear First Event. Thanks to our special guest trainer Mrs Tullet, the event went smoothly with teams one and two in a dead heat, although team two ran it to the last question on fronted subordinate conjunctions - phew!
Searching for nurdles. We don't really want to find any!
Another challenge - can you make 3 D shapes out of sticks, straws and plasticine?
Here is the class having a 'grammar and punctuation' hunt ... do you know your co ordinating from your subordinating conjunctions?
Here we are cleaning up a part of Marazion beach. We all decided to pick up as much as we could, and then saw what we picked up. It was mainly fishing rope, and it was surprising how many different sorts there were. 
Quiz - can you work out these Roman numbers?
Shhh ... sneak preview of our game - Wasson?
We are planning a written discussion around - Do We Need Plastic? Both sides of the argument need equal points - see our finished articles at Gwinear Show!
Rinsey Class have had a great time at Geevor Mine
Science investigation-Who stole the chocolates? We found out it was Mr Gardiner! Mrs Tullet was the red herring.
The whole class had a brilliant workshop on forces at NEXUS
Our of our pupils brought in some of their family's artefacts from world war II
Maths Investigations
The Rinsey Aztecs at war
Roald Dahl Day
A poem from our Roald Dahl Day
In Mr Twit's beard I found:
Half a rotten jellied eel
Manky old orange peel
Flakey, skabby, skin and
Somethink lurking in the dirty depths of this mans beard
and mouldy chocolate smeared across his spikey face
food was just all over the place.
by Phoebe
All content from this point is from the previous academic year
Our summer project outcomes displayed at Hayle Heritage Centre - exhibition is open for anyone to pop in and have a look
We visited Men an Tol and the Nine Maidens
Year 6 enjoyed their day with Global Boarders
The celebrities of Rinsey Class sign their new published work on Alien Invasions
Lots of fun at the BMX taster session

Rinsey class immersed in alien landings and making clay models!

Rinsey class invited parents to join them for a display of their project outcomes this term.
During Engineering Week we looked at pendulums and humanitarian aid projects
These photos are about a science investigation.  We looked at the theory of the pendulums and then tested it out for ourselves.  Using a variety of resources, from string and science clamps, to on line pendulums, we found out that increasing or decreasing the mass of the pendulums bob does not increase or decrease the time taken for the pendulum to make one swim.  Amazing Science!
 An amazing poem, Harvest still life art and homework

If there were no volcanoes


If there were no volcanoes

The earth’s tears would go cold

There would be no volcanic islands to explore

No extraordinary discoveries

Or deaths of the sorts of ash and lave

And the earth’s core would be hotter than it is

It sure would put my heart out.

By Max