This new year sees Rinsey transformed into all things that are 'To Infinity and Beyond!' We will be astronauts in training to begin our exploration of our cosmos. Using our knowledge and research, we will identify where Earth sits in relation to its planetary neighbours, the history of space travel, future plans for space from our perspective, including Cornwall's satellite launching program. We will be studying the classic 'War of the Worlds' by H.G. Wells as well as exploring more modern interpretations of space travel such as 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Of course, many more opportunities for art, music, geography and Science will emerge out of our nebula of activity! 
We had the chance to pop down to the spectacular Minack Theatre to take part in a workshop designed to tell us about the history of the theatre, how to story tell as a group and how to use our story of 'The War Of The Worlds' to improvise a play that we will write up back at school. In such a unique setting and with drama experts guiding us, we considered the sequence of the story, the reactions of the characters, humour and drama as well as using the space of the stage and what sort of stage directions we were using. Using the space in this outdoor amphitheatre was inspiring and fun!
Do you like puzzles? Barvember is up and running and there is a link via QR code on this Word document.
Our outcome was a fun - filled Science fair in our hall, all set up by the pupils and hosted too - we all really appreciated your support. There were questionnaires to respond to our questions about machines, a competition using our catapults and wind powered buggies, an eco - awareness display on recycling, crocheting textiles to repurpose fabric into a rug, weaving and the history of the Industrial Revolution, our cam toys and lever assemblies as well as our plaster impressions and wax rubbings - so much to see!
This is now the new academic year 2022 - 2023.
LONDON 2022!
We were super - busy making our online mysteries finished and quizzes uploaded to Seesaw as our outcome this term. We popped in some of our beach poetry as well - we worked so hard to get it all ready and it has been lovely to see your responses.
Here we are at Truro Cathedral about to sing our heart out.
We are making collographs of Aztec designs - here we are making the printing plate after designing the images. It is very exciting!
Did you know we are having ten lessons with the violin? We are so lucky to be able to use these violins and have a specialist music teacher for ten weeks - everyone did brilliantly today for a first go and we are proud of our achievements!
Here we are, making ready for our tribal outfits and getting ready for our war! We thought about things that would make us go to war, and how wars start in history. It was very thought - provoking and heaps of fun.
Yippee! We managed to perform and film our play, 'Porridge'. Who knew we had such talented actors in our class? Hopefully the film will be hitting a screen near us soon; massive thanks to Charlie and Mr. Eyriey for helping us to get filmed. All the scenes are being edited to make the story come together: we will keep you posted.
Well, we had a super sunny time on camp! There was plenty to see and do with surfing, kayaking, coasteering, walking, talent show and art - so much to do! 
Some things we have been getting up to in Rinsey on our return.