Welcome to the new academic year! 
This is the term we begin to wonder - War, what is it good for? Our expert team will be leading our class through the dangers and reasons for war and conflict. Starting in Mexico with the Maya and Aztec civilisations, we will have our own tribal war (perfectly safely of course!) and discover why and how these people went to war. In the second part of our topic, we will come closer to home with studying World War Two, the themes, strategies and timelines that are so important to our history. Our homework tasks will be inspired by these historical focus areas and we will be visiting workshops to help immerse ourselves into the atmosphere. By the end of our investigations, we will be able to identify our own ideas and explain our reasons to answer the question about war - what is it good for?
Rinsey have gone to 'war' today to find out how to defend what we think is important and to start off our new topic!
We had the chance to pop down to the spectacular Minack Theatre to take part in a workshop designed to tell us about the history of the theatre, how to story tell as a group and how to use our story of 'The War Of The Worlds' to improvise a play that we will write up back at school. In such a unique setting and with drama experts guiding us, we considered the sequence of the story, the reactions of the characters, humour and drama as well as using the space of the stage and what sort of stage directions we were using. Using the space in this outdoor amphitheatre was inspiring and fun!
Our outcome was a fun - filled Science fair in our hall, all set up by the pupils and hosted too - we all really appreciated your support. There were questionnaires to respond to our questions about machines, a competition using our catapults and wind powered buggies, an eco - awareness display on recycling, crocheting textiles to repurpose fabric into a rug, weaving and the history of the Industrial Revolution, our cam toys and lever assemblies as well as our plaster impressions and wax rubbings - so much to see!
This is now the new academic year 2022 - 2023.
LONDON 2022!
Yippee! We managed to perform and film our play, 'Porridge'. Who knew we had such talented actors in our class? Hopefully the film will be hitting a screen near us soon; massive thanks to Charlie and Mr. Eyriey for helping us to get filmed. All the scenes are being edited to make the story come together: we will keep you posted.
Well, we had a super sunny time on camp! There was plenty to see and do with surfing, kayaking, coasteering, walking, talent show and art - so much to do!