Yippee! We managed to perform and film our play, 'Porridge'. Who knew we had such talented actors in our class? Hopefully the film will be hitting a screen near us soon; massive thanks to Charlie and Mr. Eyriey for helping us to get filmed. All the scenes are being edited to make the story come together: we will keep you posted.
Well, we had a super sunny time on camp! There was plenty to see and do with surfing, kayaking, coasteering, walking, talent show and art - so much to do! 
This is it. The Summer of 'Dreams - Can They Come True?' Clearly, Rinsey have held on tight to their dreams through lockdown, working towards their goals with determination, imagination and stickability. So, to celebrate all their present and future dreams, we are investigating great dreamers in history, from earliest civilisations to the present day. We have a dream to make everyone have a successful and enjoyable summer term. Kicking off with a trip to the beach to make some 'Dreamtime' art works using sand and rakes, ending in a production of hilarity and heartbreak in our production of 'Porridge', with songs and laughter to keep us out of lockdown prison! Along the way, we will be using 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie to explore great storytelling and make our own stories and emporiums of dreams.
Welcome back - we are continuing with our topic - Space, to infinity and beyond! After all the fabulous learning on line, we are all together again - and raring to go!
Some things we have been getting up to in Rinsey on our return.
Back in the playground, all together again! Here we are using our fabulous weather and outside space to investigate patterns in maths.
In this remote learning, our students have been producing some smashing work in cheerful good humour, which is no mean feat! Here is a small sample of their wonderful work, some of which is being collated into a published book that will celebrate their writing form this time of resilience and resourcefulness.
Here is our homework sheet - please not that it is also available on Seesaw where you could also submit your work, or you could bring your ideas to school too.
We have visited our local woods to consider the forms, textures, sounds and feelings we encounter in Autumn. Following on from the poem 'Ode to Autumn' by Keats, we considered our own experiences and encounters and produced art work to accompany our ideas.
Everything below this point is for the academic year 2019-2020
In these unusual times, we are using a learning app to set and complete tasks daily. Rinsey class has risen to the challenge brilliantly and are producing fabulous work cheerfully and with great resourcefulness. Watch the newsletters for Mr. Gardiner's updates and praise.
Our home learning. We are using Seesaw to keep children learning in this extraordinary time, and we are so proud of the wonderful work and effort all the pupils are putting in. Here are some examples of our work.
Please log into Seesaw to access our home learning materials if we close due to the current situation. Details of how to do this have been sent home via the children - if you need any more details, please get in touch. 
As part of our studies with rivers, we have been drawing some famous rivers around the world and challenging each other to find their features. Some pupils notices that all the rivers had a source and a mouth, but then other pupils added meanders, tributaries, confluences, islands and channels to the mouth. the River Thames had lots of bridges in a smaller area, whereas the River Amazon had a lot of very windy meanders!
Can we improve our detective skills yet further - here we solve the 'cold case' of the Missing Golden Pen...
Our science skills are narrowing down the clues. What happens when thing dissolve?
Can we find the clues for these maths quizzes? We surely can!
We are investigating rivers this term - having fun with the shapes and features of a river.
more clues emerge for capturing the thief...
Our forensic science - chromatography - might help us identify the mystery Quality Street thief...
Here is our end outcome at the Passmore Edwards Institute - thanks to all who came. It was great to see you all and show off our work.