Welcome to Rinsey Class

 Our teacher is Mrs Haddy who is supported by Mrs Tullett.


This term we will be in the office of Sherlock Holmes, solving clues, comparing sleuthing methods and scientific proof. It’s going to be great fun investigating the elements that make up the clues, processes and evidence to help solve the mysteries. Of course, we shall be making the characters in the stories come to life, with drama activities and creative writing, leading ultimately to an orienteering – type chall enge – can you follow the clues to solve the mystery?


For those of you who would like to get super - organised with home learning for the next term, here are the  plans for Summer 2020. It's a 'heads - up' to let you know our planned learning journey, and to get you in the mood for lots of exploring in our topic.
Please log into Seesaw to access our home learning materials if we close due to the current situation. Details of how to do this have been sent home via the children - if you need any more details, please get in touch. 
As part of our studies with rivers, we have been drawing some famous rivers around the world and challenging each other to find their features. Some pupils notices that all the rivers had a source and a mouth, but then other pupils added meanders, tributaries, confluences, islands and channels to the mouth. the River Thames had lots of bridges in a smaller area, whereas the River Amazon had a lot of very windy meanders!
Can we improve our detective skills yet further - here we solve the 'cold case' of the Missing Golden Pen...
Our science skills are narrowing down the clues. What happens when thing dissolve?
Can we find the clues for these maths quizzes? We surely can!
We are investigating rivers this term - having fun with the shapes and features of a river.
more clues emerge for capturing the thief...
Our forensic science - chromatography - might help us identify the mystery Quality Street thief...
Here is our end outcome at the Passmore Edwards Institute - thanks to all who came. It was great to see you all and show off our work.
making an ostinato pattern based on Holst's 'Mars'