Mrs Barber, Mrs Backhouse and Mrs McKie welcome you to Poldhu Class!

Out Of This World!

Wow! Exciting things have been taking place during our Christmas break. The classroom has been transformed into our 'Space Station', where the children will have the opportunity to explore the vastness of space itself! Investigating historical events in space, the planets, galaxies, astronauts and much much more!

Throughout this term we will be getting creative, doing lots of junk modelling. Making moon buggies, space rockets, planets, moon rocks and various space crafts. We will also be getting musical. Listening to the famous compositions from 'Gustav Holst' capturing the characteristics of each unique planet. The children will have the opportunity to explore different instruments, how different genres of music make them feel and get stuck into different aspects of music (pitch, rhythm, beats etc.)

Our classroom will be full of cheeky aliens this term, as we begin our class story 'Aliens love underpants.' The children will be busy learning this story, acting it out and making lots of props, including: story maps, wanted posters and going on a pant parade.

As we progress throughout the term we will explore the scientific concept of day and night as well as gravity and oxygen. We will be learning about the planets in our solar system and then creating our own!

We look forward to exploring the world around us! Both near and far... What will we find, out of this world???


Within the early years, we always follow the interests of the children and cannot wait to see where their imaginations take us next.

Within class we follow 'Read, Write Inc' phonics scheme, allowing all children to access and practise their sounds and become confident and competent readers. If you wish to find any more information on our current topics and curriculum please look at our topic web and class timetable.

We went blackberry picking and made a delicious crumble!
We have been talking about our bodies and exploring our senses at the Godolphin Bare Foot Trail!
We`re Rockin' in our School Shoes! Getting to know our classroom.
Our new story map 'The Scarecrows Wedding' written by Julia Donaldson.
After reading our class story 'The Three Little Pigs' we have been building our own houses outside using different resources.
Whilst exploring Autumn, we discussed hibernating animals. Reading the story 'Don`t Hog the Hedge'. In class we made hedgehogs out of clay and then made them their own comfy homes to hibernate in for the winter.
We visited Trevaskis Farm to learn all about Harvest. Picking vegetables, printing patterns and even eating own home made bread for snack. We have used the apples we picked to make a crumble!
Taste testing!! We have been very busy cutting up lots of different fruit to feel, smell and taste the differences. Using our senses!
We visited Crenver Grove! We explored the woodland and have been making a habitat for our friend 'Mr Badger'.