Our Values and Mission


Our motto is based on the fact that our children will one day be guardians of our world and it is our job to help inspire them to make it a better place. We wish to open their eyes to all possibilities; developing critical and creative thinking skills in learners who can become pro-active citizens. We aim to nurture awe and wonder through an immersive curriculum, enriched with outdoor experiences, that enables all children to succeed.

We value the importance of the traditional ‘3Rs’ but equally recognise that there are many ‘4thRs’ that need to be developed for children to be able to rise to the many challenges of our rapidly changing world. We want our children to develop into Responsible individuals, who are Resilient in the face of adversity, who use clear lines of Reasoning when making judgements whilst showing Respect for the views of others, who can Reflect carefully on their experiences and learn from their mistakes; only when the whole child is recognised can we hope to develop Rounded young adults that can Inspire Our Future.