This term, Kynance Class are getting ready to party, with our new topic 'Boogie In Brazil'. We have already taken a (sadly only virtual) flight to Rio, using the film 'Rio' to introduce us to this incredible city. Kynance class will be meeting the stars of this film for themselves when they visit Paradise Park. 
This topic takes us on an immersive tour of this beautiful and diverse country, from the humid rainforests where we will be studying the animals through art, looking at the work of Nick Gustafson and experimenting with line, pattern and texture, to the carnivals of Rio where we will be learning to party 'Rio - style' with samba drumming and dancing taught by our expert guest teachers. 
Our study in geography will help us identify and learn the names of the continents and understand how physical geography and climate affect human activity in a country; similarly our investigations in science examine how human activity is impacting on our climate and ways we can be active in reducing our carbon footprint. This is reinforced in our class book 'The Great Kapok Tree' which tackles the causes and consequences of deforestation. 
We will be experiencing the heat of the rainforest at first hand when we walk through Eden's rainforest biome and study how homes are made in the Amazon.  
We follow the mastery approach to teaching maths that promotes fluency and application through reasoning and problems solving. Daily phonics and literacy sessions allow children to develop their understanding of the English language while regular guided and group reading activities develop comprehension skills and promote a love of literature. 
We are committed to learning outdoors, both in our own extensive and beautiful school grounds or in any of our outdoor learning spaces; Crenver Grove, Godrevy Beach or Gwithian Nature Reserve. 




Our immersive classroom!
Inspired by the art work of Nick Gustafson, Kynance Class had a great start to their topic making collaborative artwork to further theme their 'rain forest' classroom. 
Learning through play.
Kynance Class made the most of the weather with a quick trip to Godrevy today, where we worked as a team to pass buckets of water as firefighters would have done in 1666. We also made a fire and looked at how wood burns and ash is made. We used our senses to describe the fire, to inspire our Fire of London diary writing tomorrow.