Welcome to Kynance Class Summer Term

You would be forgiven for wondering where in the world you are when you walk into Kynance Class this term! With a polar zone, a nocturnal zone and a jungle growing out of the wall, we are representing just some of the habitats where our Amazing Animals can be found. 

We have kicked off our learning with some hands-on animal encounters (see the pictures below) and a visit to Newquay Zoo. Our studies will take us back in time to learn about animal species we have lost through human actions, and to understand how we can protect environments in the future to help conserve endangered species. 

Our learning about endangered animals links closely with PSHE units this term, 'Wide World' and 'Footprints' where we discuss the implications of our daily choices and their impact on our world and the animal kingdom. 

Kynance is a class buzzing with fun and experiences, where children stretch themselves further than they imagined. Each day takes the children further along their own learning journeys, where enquiry and discovery are encouraged all the way!

 We use ideas from the Inspire Curriculum, The Literacy Shed, a Sense of Place and our own environment to scaffold our curriculum into a vibrant & enriching one which is accessible to all.

This is the storymap for our class story called Wild.  Ask your child to retell the story using the map.  We have only just started so there will probably be lots of gaps at the moment but it won't be long before we all know it.
Kynance Class had a fantastic start to their topic 'Amazing Animals' with an in - class visit from Mark's Ark and a trip to Newquay Zoo, where children identified species that are endangered or threatened. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Superheroes outcomes exhibition. We hope you were able to learn how to keep fit, eat healthily and be your best Superhero self! 
We have been inspired by the 'real life' superheroes we have met! They have a lot in common with our fictitious superheroes - they all wear special costumes that are designed to help them do their job; they drive special vehicles with tools to help them and all have told us that their desire to help people led them to choose that job,  which can be dangerous at times! As Nic the police officer told us... 'Courage grows over time.' 
Kynance class had a great morning at Outdoor School; taking part in a phonics hunt and bringing maths alive by making multiplication arrays in the sand.
Our Kynance superheroes visited the Minack Theatre and enjoyed a tour of this stunning landmark, before taking part in some Superhero drama workshops. The children got to perform their plays to an impromptu audience (visitors to the theatre), many of whom commented on their fantastic acting skills. 
Kynance visited Pendennis Castle as part of our history study. We learnt how Pendennis worked with St. Mawes Castle to protect Truro from invasion during the rule of King Henry VIII. We dressed up as characters who may have lived and worked in the castle, from a pot boy to an admiral. 
All posts beyond this point are from the previous academic year.
We joined Class 3 for Flashlight Friday. Take a look!
Today we have been learning about 3D shapes in maths.
Kynance Class have had a brilliant time creating a samba band with the help of Truro School of Samba!
Bread making on Pudding Lane before the fire started.
In PE we've been working on our dance to London's Burning.
Kynance really let the sparks fly on their first day of the term.