Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take - off!

'Taking Flight' is our topic this term and the learning in Kynance will quite literally be taking to the skies in our study of flight, from the first designs of Da Vinci's fantastic flying machine to the fixed wing passenger aircraft we use today. We will be studying the first flights of the Wright brothers and their female counterparts, pioneering aviators Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and Amy Johnson. We will use STEM sessions to explore different materials and discover those best for creating our very own flying machines.

Our studies will be further inspired by the planes and airports we experience at first hand, on trips to Newquay International Airport, RNAS Culdrose Airbase and Flambard's Air Museum. 

As the world of flight opened up the world of travel, our art and music will explore the early 1900s to the roaring 20s - the Art Deco movement and its influence on travel posters from around the globe. 

Our PSHE will take inspiration from the early pioneers in aviation, understanding the trials and triumphs in setting and ultimately achieving your goal. 

We follow the mastery approach to teaching maths that promotes fluency and application through reasoning and problem solving. Daily Read, Write, Inc reading and phonics sessions allow children to develop their understanding of the English language, while our storytelling approach to literacy helps us to read like a writer, developing comprehension skills and promoting a love of literature. 
We are committed to learning outdoors, both in our own extensive and beautiful school grounds or in any of our outdoor learning spaces; Crenver Grove, Godrevy Beach or Gwithian Nature Reserve. 




Kynance Class kicked off their Super Hero topic with a visit from a real life hero! We talked about how the police help people and the qualities you need to be in the police force. We saw how drones are used and even saw ourselves on the screen (...we were behaving very well though). 
What has happened to these poor veggies? Could it be the work of The Evil Pea? Kynance use the evidence to deduce who the perpetrator of this crime could be... Launching our class book 'Supertato'. 
Our 'Wild Water' activity days; Summer 2022
Our immersive classroom!
Kynance enjoyed their topic launch at Godrevy, making animals in the sand to start their study of 'The Sand Horse' and imagining what might happen if their sculptures came to life.. We also started our geographical study looking at human and physical features of the coastline. 
Inspired by the art work of Nick Gustafson, Kynance Class had a great start to their topic making collaborative artwork to further theme their 'rain forest' classroom. 
Our story telling approach to literacy - learning the story map. 
Learning through play.
Kynance Class made the most of the weather with a quick trip to Godrevy today, where we worked as a team to pass buckets of water as firefighters would have done in 1666. We also made a fire and looked at how wood burns and ash is made. We used our senses to describe the fire, to inspire our Fire of London diary writing tomorrow.