E Safety

E-Safety is a rapidly evolving area, new technologies and risks are always emerging.  Keeping up-to-date with the latest information to keep safe when using the internet is a constant challenge for schools and parents.
Thoughts for parents:
  • Educate yourself on e-safety so you are empowered to help your child
  • Start having conversations about e-safety as soon as your child uses the internet
  • Ask your child to show you what they do online and ask them questions about it
  • Find out how to set parental controls for all devices and agree boundaries for usage
  • Encourage your child to tell you if anything online unsettles them
Below are some useful website links to help keep your children safe online.
Find out what children are doing online, issues that might be affecting children, how to take action.
Provides trustworthy and reliable age appropriate media reviews - videos, games and films
support and guidance for teachers, parents, carers and children
Cyberbullying and social networking advice
Online e-safety learning for the whole family
UK safer internet
Online magazine which contains helpful advice for parents and carers - setting up controls, latest technology, reporting routines
Helpful advice and tools
Or simply entering 'Staying Safe Online' in any serach engine will provide thousands of results for sites providing advice, guidance and resources.