Godrevy class are putting on their yellow hard hats and following in the footsteps of Cornish miners, to discover Cornwall’s incredible mining heritage. Walking along the peaceful coast path of Cornwall today, it’s hard to imagine the smoke and din that once filled the air. The hammering and blasting of industry used to echo across the rugged landscape. But some clues remain, and we are going to go on an adventure to uncover how mining has shaped Cornwall today.  

Starting with sifting for minerals in the red river we will think about how mining evolved as we dig our own mini mine shafts in the sand at Godrevy beach! We will learn how miners were creative thinkers and inventors, building our own ‘man engine’ lifts and creating mining soundscapes.  

Thinking about the future of wildlife in our area, we will talk to real miners about the pros and cons of mining, the wild areas it has changed and consider the question ‘Will reopening the mines make Cornwall rich again?’ 

We had a visit from Steve who is the mine manager at South Crofty. He taught us all about modern mining in Cornwall. He showed us all about the drilling, machinery and coring which is used in Cornwall. Steve even showed us how the explosives work!
We have been exploring how sound travels through vibrations in Crenver Grove.
We have been to visit Trevaskis Farm to learn all about where our food comes from. We even got to pick some fruit!
We spent our morning in the woods learning about how people would have survived during the Stone Age. We had to think about what humans really need to survive!
We went on a virtual tour of Berlin Dinosaur museum. We have learnt so much about different dinosaurs and skeletons!
This week we have been learning about the different types of rocks. We have made our own animation videos to teach others about it. Take a look!
We had a great time fossil hunting today! Not even the rain can stop us!
We have had a brilliant morning in Tehidy Woods. We acted out the story of the Sword in the Stone and looked at the formation of trees. Take a look.
We have had a surprise visitor this week!
Godrevy Class took a long journey to Tintagel Castle to launch our topic. We learnt all about Merlin and the story of King Arthur. Take a look!
We have been studying Japan this week and have made our own sushi!