Mrs Gilroy, Mrs McCotter and Mrs Higgs welcome you to Class 3
Myths and Magic - The Legend of King Arthur - Autumn Term 2023 
Godrevy class will be immersed in history, magic and legend in our new topic 'Myths and Magic!' 
  • We will visit the spectacular Tintagel Castle remains and be inspired by the story of King Arthur.
  • We will learn about the knights of the round table and even weave our own Arthurian-style tapestries fit to decorate the great hall.
  • We will visit St Michael's mount and discover the story of Jack the giant killer!
  • We will meet spooky witches in Crenver grove and learn how to make gruesome potions. 
  • Creating our own playscripts and shadow puppets, we will become theatre designers and directors making our own shadow puppet plays. 
  • We will uncover the magical world of Narnia in our class book 'The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe'. 
Mrs Gilroy, Mrs Mccotter and Mrs Higgs are looking forward to seeing you all for a magical Autumn term! 
Local History - Mining - Summer Term 2023

Godrevy class are putting on their yellow hard hats and following in the footsteps of Cornish miners, to discover Cornwall’s incredible mining heritage.



Walking along the peaceful coast path of Cornwall today, it’s hard to imagine the smoke and din that once filled the air. The hammering and blasting of industry used to echo across the rugged landscape. But some clues remain and we are going to go on an adventure to uncover how mining has shaped Cornwall today.

Starting with sifting for minerals in the red river we will think about how mining evolved as we dig our own mini mine shafts in the sand at Godrevy beach! We will learn how miners were creative thinkers and inventors linking to our science learning on how sound travels.

We know the best way to learn about mining is to see a site up close and have planned three different trips to three very different mines. We will also be meeting miners, past and present, and asking them questions.

Thinking about the future of wildlife in our area, we will talk about the pros and cons of mining, the wild areas it has changed and consider the question ‘Should we reopen the mines in Cornwall?’

Greeks and Romans - Spring Term 2023
"What are we going to be learning about this term?" asked the children of class 3 eagerly as they looked around their newly themed classroom. 
An enormous red and gold shield gleamed magnificently on the classroom window sill, decorated with lightning bolts and eagle's wings. 
Hanging from the classroom ceiling, divine Gods and Goddesses peered down from clouds. Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and countless others adorned with spears and flames. 
Instead of a maths number line, strange numerals and Xs were written on the board. 
Hanging ominously over the classroom was an enormous volcano spouting hot lava and a shower of ash and stones. 
Best of all, the book corner was overflowing with stories of gladiators and battles, aquaducts and mosaics, emperors and armies.
The children of class 3 are certainly in for an exciting term...
From Bean to Bar - The Story of Chocolate and Trade Autumn Term 2022
Lots of us enjoy a delicious chocolate bar but do we know where chocolate comes from?
In this topic Godrevy class will be following the journey of a chocolate bar. From the beans growing on a Cocoa tree in the heart of Ghana to the chocolate being on the shelves in our local supermarket. We will also explore what happens to chocolate and other food after we eat it - the science of digestion and how our bodies turn food into energy. 
We will be tasting, testing and evaluating a variety of chocolate bar flavours before choosing the finest to create delectable chocolately treats to sell at our own chocolate shop. We will use our maths skills to calculate which ingredients will make us profit and work out how much change to give to our customers. 
We are looking forward to an exciting new term! 
New Term - 2022 - 2023
The Great Outdoors - from rock pool to mountain top. Summer Term 2022
Mount Everest - the closest you can get to the moon by walking...
Climbing a mountain is no easy feat. Dangling on a knife edge, the possibility of plummeting to one's death awaits you at every crevice, crack, avalache and ice fall. Class 3 will learn this first-hand in our new topic. Not quite the death-defying experience of mount Everest but a challenge nevertheless, the children will summit Cornwall's highest point, and learn about how mountains are formed.
420 metres below at sea level, they will explore the vibrant life in Cornish rockpools, inspired by the amazing artwork of Jo Polack.  https://www.jopolack.co.uk/  Developing their sewing skills further they will design and stitch sunhats suitable for our walking expedition. 
Class 3 have already begun their ongoing summer project at our Local Nature Reserve, Gwithian Green. We have built and installed a collection of beautiful bird boxes which we will be carefully monitoring throughout the next few months. Alongside this, our science work on habitats and living things will see us study the wildlife at Gwitihan green and present our findings in our ICT based outcome.
Come and visit us in our exciting new classroom and see what learning we are busy doing.

Stones and Bones - Spring Term 2022


The children of Godrevy class climbed into the time machine, closed the door and fastened their seatbelts. They looked at each other in nervous excitement as they saw Mrs Gilroy flick on the controls and type in the numbers. The green screen lit up and a date glowed brightly ‘1,600,000BC’. They were travelling back in time, further that they had ever gone before.

The time machine rumbled and with a jolt it began to spin. The children clung onto their seats as the enormous machine span faster. A loud whirring sound filled their ears. Everything went dark…

When the children of Godrevy class climbed unsteadily from the time machine they saw that everything was different. Their classroom had gone and they were in a wild forest full of the strange sounds of roars. A group of children were stood there, but they didn’t look like children from Gwinear school. Instead of blue uniforms, they were dressed in furs and carried long spears.

“Oh my goodness!” cried one of the children from Godrevy class. “We have arrived in the stone age!”

And this was just the beginning of the adventure…

Myths and Magic - Autumn 2021
Welcome to Godrevy class (years 3 and 4).
This term we are travelling back in time to discover more about the legend of King Arthur, one of the most enduring figures of British history. 
Legend tells us that King Arthur was born at Tintagel Castle, and we will be launching our topic with a visit to this historic castle on the rugged Cornish coast. Here we will explore the remains of the castle, re-enact the story of King Arthur and visit Merlin's cave. 
Once we have returned to 'present day', we will try our hand at a medieval craft - tapestry making, as well as discovering the science behind some of Merlin's modern day magic, with shadow puppets. 
Later in our topic we will board the Hogwart's express and step into the magical land of Harry Potter! We will explore the wonders of the wizarding world, have a go at quidditch and experiment in science with potion making. 
Light, shadows, spells and secrets will come alive in our exciting topic: Myths and Magic! 
See you soon for a magical adventure, 
Mrs Gilroy, Mr Buckley and Mrs Skeggs 
We had a visit from Steve who is the mine manager at South Crofty. He taught us all about modern mining in Cornwall. He showed us all about the drilling, machinery and coring which is used in Cornwall. Steve even showed us how the explosives work!
We have been exploring how sound travels through vibrations in Crenver Grove.