Some of our Year 3 and 4s had fun at a badminton event held by CSIA

Some children from Years 3 and 4 attended a Badminton event at Camborne Science and International Academy. 

 "On Tuesday some of the Yr 3 and 4s went to Camborne School and did some badminton activities. My favourite activity was putting the shuttlecocks in the hoops. We all got wristbands to keep!" Sadie

 "On Tuesday we had a tournament of badminton. We played against 9 schools and we played mini games and activities. When the winners were announced Gwinear came 2nd! It was so good!" Peter

 "On Tuesday we went to play badminton at Camborne School. My favourite part was throwing and catching the shuttlecock to each other. My partner and I had a high score of 165!" Marcus

 "On Tuesday Sadie, Peter, Phoebe, Marcus, Freddie and I went to Camborne School to play badminton. We didn’t play a match, but we did 10 different games with shuttlecocks and rackets. It was so fun. I would recommend it to other children to go next time." Emily

“My favourite activity was to try and keep the shuttlecock on the racket.” Freddie