Helping Your Child to Learn

Helping Your Child Learn
On this page you will find information on how to support your child's learning with different aspects of their education. Scroll down to find the subject you're after and have a look through the support/resources!
Any support you can provide will go a long way for your child's education!
Fitness and Health
Mathletics is a great online resource we use in school to help our children progress in a fun virtual world. If you would like to compete against your child on mathletics, use one of the parent logins! They are set to the ability of the age of the children. If you would like to challenge yourself, login with the challenge parent.
To login go to (or use the app) and click on student login. Then use the username and password from the image below.
Happy competing!
If you would like to see an example of the methods we teach, please scan the QR codes below. This will open a link to a video demonstration made by one of our pupils.
The scan each code you will need a QR code reader that is free from the app store.
Mental math: Knowledge of times tables has a huge impact on children's learning. Every week the children have mental math practice and can earn bands for their achievement. These sheets are different every time to ensure they don't just memorise the answers.