Welcome to Rinsey Class

 Our teacher is Mrs Haddy who is supported by Mrs Tullett.

This half term Rinsey Class has been transformed back in time to World War Two to continue our theme of ‘War, what is it good for?’


We have an air raid shelter available should we hear the siren, and some rations to keep us going. This week we have been exploring genuine items from the era lent by Helston Museum.

Our class also hosts ‘Reading Café’ club on Tuesday after school. This week we had a wartime recipe cake made by the resourceful Mrs Tullet, and we enjoyed reading some of the work of our visiting author Maz Evans.

We have been exploring fractions in maths, using practical resources, and discussing spooky stories.

Mrs Ockwell and Mrs Tullett can drive the minibuses, so our outdoor learning happens at least once a month.


This class is the focus for learning before the next big step to senior school. We pride ourselves in being rounded learners, able to try our hardest and improve in our learning every day.

The whole class had a brilliant workshop on forces at NEXUS
Our of our pupils brought in some of their family's artefacts from world war II
Maths Investigations
The Rinsey Aztecs at war
Roald Dahl Day
A poem from our Roald Dahl Day
In Mr Twit's beard I found:
Half a rotten jellied eel
Manky old orange peel
Flakey, skabby, skin and
Somethink lurking in the dirty depths of this mans beard
and mouldy chocolate smeared across his spikey face
food was just all over the place.
by Phoebe
Our summer project outcomes displayed at Hayle Heritage Centre - exhibition is open for anyone to pop in and have a look
We visited Men an Tol and the Nine Maidens
Year 6 enjoyed their day with Global Boarders
The celebrities of Rinsey Class sign their new published work on Alien Invasions
Lots of fun at the BMX taster session

Rinsey class immersed in alien landings and making clay models!

Rinsey class invited parents to join them for a display of their project outcomes this term.
During Engineering Week we looked at pendulums and humanitarian aid projects
These photos are about a science investigation.  We looked at the theory of the pendulums and then tested it out for ourselves.  Using a variety of resources, from string and science clamps, to on line pendulums, we found out that increasing or decreasing the mass of the pendulums bob does not increase or decrease the time taken for the pendulum to make one swim.  Amazing Science!
Outdoor Learning at Crenver Grove - Film Making
Rinsey Class visit the Royal Cornwall Museum to investigate the Bloodhound Challenge
Some samples of homework from the first half of the summer term, well done everyone
Year 5 taking part in a Transition Drama Workshop at Hayle School
 An amazing poem, Harvest still life art and homework

If there were no volcanoes


If there were no volcanoes

The earth’s tears would go cold

There would be no volcanic islands to explore

No extraordinary discoveries

Or deaths of the sorts of ash and lave

And the earth’s core would be hotter than it is

It sure would put my heart out.

By Max