Welcome to Kynance Class


Let's get the party started!

This term, Kynance Class are learning how to 'Boogie In Brazil'! Our weeks will be filled with samba dancing, story telling, samba music, creating carnival costumes, rain forest art and printing as well as a visit to the Eden Project to experience the rain forest at first hand and understand its importance to our planet! We are going to participate in lively debate, taking the part of conservationists, miners, loggers, animals and tribes people to understand the issues around deforestation, acting this out in our outdoor learning environments. We will also be using the nature reserve at Godrevy to create a parallel scenario in our own locality. All of this wonderful learning will culminate in our own Rio style Carnaval with samba dancing and music!

  Kynance is a class buzzing with fun and experiences, where children stretch themselves further than they imagined. Each day takes the children further along their own learning journeys, where enquiry and discovery are encouraged all the way!

 We use ideas from the Inspire Curriculum, Hamilton Trust, a Sense of Place and our own environment to scaffold our curriculum into a vibrant & enriching one which is accessible to all.

Kynance Class have had a brilliant time creating a samba band with the help of Truro School of Samba!
Bread making on Pudding Lane before the fire started
In PE we've been working on our dance to London's Burning
Kynance really let the sparks fly on their first day of the term
Our Summer Project Outcomes day was amazing despite the weather trying it's best to put a stop to it
We have all had a really good time this term learning to play ukuleles
Kynance had a wonderful afternoon with a banquet fit for a queen!
Kynance enjoyed their gymnastics session at Phoenix gymnastics
Learning lots about different types of habitats in the woods.
Setting the scene for our traditional fairy tales at Crenver Grove
Thank you to the PTFA we now have a new rug for the classroom
Parents were invited to join us for an afternoon of Project Outcomes which included a visit form Hayle Fire Station to help with our small emergency
A touch of the Bake Off came to Kynance Class with their bread making
Kynance visited Tolvadon fire station to learn about fire one of the Elements from their topic this term
Kynance had a visit from a specialist netball coach from CSIA to help us learn some new skills