Welcome to Godrevy

Miss Shaw, Mrs Mckie and Mr Buckley welcome you to Godrevy Class -Year 3 and 4

Where would you rather be, land or sea?

This is the exciting question we will be exploring throughout the summer term!

We have divided our classroom in half to represent both sides of our debate. On one side with have an array of fish and a scuba diver hanging above an underwater cave and a boat. On the other side we have our very own Brown Willy hill where we can read, a picnic table and lots of buzzing bees hanging from the ceiling. We are also very lucky to have our own observation station where we can study different plants and animals. Have a look at the medium term planner to see what we will be learning this term. The children will have an amazing time learning about the natural world and the importance of conservation.

 Don’t forget to check our class page to see updates of our learning.

If you have any questions about our class please feel free to arrange to speak to Miss Shaw.

 Godrevy class is an environment where all children are encouraged to learn through exciting topics.

Godrevy class work closely with Camborne school and regularly visit the NEXUS Science centre, here we further our knowledge and understanding of different topics through fun and interactive workshops.

Within class we use Hamilton Trust, White Rose Mastery Math and contributions from the children's ideas to plan our lessons and activities. To find more information on our current topic please have a look at our topic plan.



Godrevy class have had a great start to the summer term! We have enjoyed doing math outside in the sun! 
Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, family and friends that came to our website launch! If you couldn't make it, don't worry use the link below to check it out!
We have been up to Godrevy Beach to create our Cornish landscapes for Gwinear Show
PANTS OF POWER! Class 2 and 3 had a great day creating our own characters for a new superhero movie. We dressed up and created the trailer. What super hero could you create if you only had the following items?
a binbag
an orange
a hulahoop
Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in in our football session on our open afternoon! We had a great time playing with and against our parents, even if some people did get a little competitive! 
Godrevy class have had a fabulous day exploring the Bronze Age and the Iron Age at Royal Cornwall Museum followed by exploring Neolithic settlements at Carnbrea
Godrevy class have been studying different mediums in art. We have been looking at natural materials that could be used to make paint. Have a look at what we found!
We were joined by Class 2 for Flashlight Friday. Try reading by flashlight at home with your child. Take a look!
We have been learning about tenths and hundredths. Today we played the spiral game. Have a go with your child!
Godrevy Class visited Nexus to take part in a workshop on evolution
Godrevy class have been helping class 1 learn to read
Godrevy have been learning all about fractions. Talk to the children to see what they can teach you about fractions!
Godrevy Class had a very exciting day taking part in a Paleontology Dig at Godrevy Beach. We found some amazing and unusual fossils. Please take a look! 
Godrevy Class would like to thank all the mums, dads, grandparents and friends for coming to our book launch. The book was a huge success and we sold over 60 copies! The children also decided to give a copy to Hayle Library and it is now available to the public to check out. We had a surprise guest turn up and buy a copy of our book. Have a look at some of the pictures from the book signing!
Godrevy class have been studying a 'Light' topic in Science. Through this topic we have explored shadows and performed the story of 'The Sword in the Stone' through shadow puppets! Take a look!
For our Design and Technology project this term we have made moving dragon mobiles. We were all very lucky to have our parents come and help us with this tricky task. Take a look at some of the final products!
Godrevy class have been learning how to create shadows and texture using charcoal. Take a look at some of our creations!
Godrevy class have visited Godrevy beach! We've had a fabulous day problem solving with pebbles, casting spells and making sand models of Middle Ages villages! 
We launched our topic of Myths and Legends with a visit to Tintagel
All content beyond this point is from the previous academic year
We had a brilliant time climbing to the highest point in Cornwall. Every single member of Godrevy Class managed to climb to the top of Rough Tor and Brown Willy without any moaning!
We are all very proud of ourselves!
Year 5 had a very exciting morning at Camborne School!
Godrevy Class have had a BRILLIANT week this week!
Some of our children went to the Kingfisher awards evening. Although we didn't win, we had a great time apple bobbing, playing tug of war and eating lots of fresh strawberries!
We have also been making fold away stools in DT this week ready to sell at the Summer Fair this weekend. They will be on offer for only £7.50 each or 2 for £14. There are only 12 on offer so make sure you come quick!
Our farm visit for the Kingfisher Award
Half of Godrevy Class have been to Godrevy Beach! We completed a Bio-Blitz and compared the information to our Crenver Grove Bio-Blitz. We also did some kite related experiments!
This week Godrevy class have been making kites in Design Technology. With some minor alterations everyone's kite worked! Take a look!
A fantastic two days spent at Duchy College Rosewarne for Godrevy class
Godrevy class completed a BioBlitz on Crenver Grove and found some very interesting creatures.
We also had a little spare time for a play on the rope swing, even Miss Shaw had a go!
Godrevy Class have had a brilliant time with Chloe (Cornwall Council Historian) learning about the history of Gwinear and Hayle. Have a look at at what we got up to.
Godrevy class have been exploring percentages with natural materials in Crenver Grove. Have a look at the work we have produced.
Our project outcome afternoon was a great success, thank you to everyone who came and joined in
Godrevy class have been working on debating skills at Crenver Grove.
'Should child athletes have to get good grades at school before they can train?'
What side would you be on?
Godrevy class have re-enacted the stories of some Cornish saints
Godrevy Class had a brilliant morning at Truro Fencing followed by an amazing lunch out at The Yak and Yeti restaurant
Year 5 had a fantastic time at the BMX taster session
Godrevy class have been studying Ancient Greek pottery and are now using the coil method to make our own.
Year 5 experience the dizzy heights of the climbing wall at CSIA
In science Godrevy class have been learning about conservation. Today we went to the woods to create documentaries to explain the effects of cutting down trees.
Godrevy bring the Trojan War to Crenver Grove